Putin Trump in Thoughts & Prayers

I did my best to temper what I said on social media after Trump tested positive for COVID. Please be assured I sent my thoughts and prayers, although I won’t say what I was thinking or praying for.

What really surprised me is this bit of news involving Vladamir Putin …

It didn’t surprise me that Putin sent his support. Trump has told us what a great guy Vlad is. More importantly, Vlad would hate to lose his useful idiot in the White House. But who sends telegrams these days? Does the telegram delivery boy still bring it to the front door?

If so, how did the telegram delivery boy get through all the walls and fencing Trump has erected around the White House?

We, the people, can’t even see what has always been called The People’s House.

Well, it used to be called The People’s House, but not since new management took over. How the heck is a telegraph delivery boy supposed to get through? Maybe he talked his way in with a mention of a possible Candygram, a very effective ploy. But if someone tries it with you, just be careful of those land sharks.

I’m not Putin you on. They’re dangerous.