Church With Strings Attached

We tried another new church on Easter Sunday. We really liked it, except for the booming organ music that shook my dental fillings at times. Maybe we should sit in the back next time, if there is one. It was a church we had tried before, but decided not to visit again due to the service featuring … a puppet show. It wasn’t a creepy or scary puppet show.

puppet creepy.gif

But it was still a puppet show. However, we decided to try it again. And we liked it! I thought maybe we had found our new church home, until I spotted this in the church bulletin …


Uh-oh. A 2 hour Puppet Rehearsal. That can’t be a good sign. I still had hope that maybe this was just an occasional thing. Then I read more about the church’s ministries.


A puppet meeting every Monday? That’s definitely not a good sign. I’m in a FOG as to why this puppet ministry would be so popular. I’m not sure I’m willing to find out. It’s not that I don’t like puppets, but it reminds me too much of our current situation.

puppet trump.gif

Of course, there are always the deniers.

puppet trump reply

How did a nice blog post about church puppets devolve to this?