Is Soap Inherently Clean?

I’m on the road again, and I had a welcome gift awaiting me in my room when I checked-in to my hotel night. No, not a mint on my pillow. I found this ready, open, and “broken-in” for my use in my shower …

Soap Left

It was tempting to use this pre-used soap since then I could come away from this hotel stay with 2 new bars of soap. Geez, I really do blog a lot about hotel soap. Sure, it looked clean. However, I thought back to when I stayed at the large house of a former boss, along with the owner of a ‘sister’ company in France. We each had our own guest bedroom, but shared a bathroom. My French colleague was a very hairy guy, and unfortunately got to the shower and the soap first. By the time I got to the shower, the soap was covered with hair and was begging for a shave before use. I complied.


soap hairy

While last night’s special soap gift was not full of hair, how could I be sure it was not full of other stuff? As tempting as it was to pocket 2 new bars of soap from one hotel stay, I cracked open a new soap for a morning shower after a morning swim. I felt better about that. Although, now that I think about it, why did I even shower after swimming?


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