Time to Come Clean

Being on the road again, I had hoped to bring you some Americana sightseeing tales and pics. However, inclement weather interceded, so I will bring you another travel tip. I know what you’re thinking, “Please, not another post about hotel soap.”

“But … but … hotel soap is an integral part of my business travel,” I protest. How about a Trumpy soap post? I know you want it. Let’s go.

When presented with 2 soap choices, always use the smaller one and take the larger soap home.soap1.jpg

Now, I know Trump supporters may struggle with how to determine which is larger and which is smaller. I’ll try and make it relatable for them.

First, try and compare the sizes of the soaps.


You can clearly see one is smaller than the other, right? Okay, I know Trumpsters may still be struggling with the concept. Maybe these examples will bring the concept home.

Obama Trump thin fat

It even works with numbers. Disregard the negative sign and the percentage, and just look at the absolute value of the numbers shown below. Uh-oh, that is way too much math for Trumpkins. Move along.


Don’t get confused with the juxtaposition of small and large in this pic …

obama trump hands

Trump is not always larger. But to make MAGAts more comfortable again, just take a look at that trade deficit with China.

obama trump china trade deficit

Gotta love how those China tariffs are working.

And when you’re done with that small soap, bag it and take it home. It’s not done cleaning you.


With frugality like that, you can see why I stayed at hotels with numbers in the name only 1 of 3 nights. Save on soap to splurge on hotels. That’s how I roll.


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