My Wife Does Not Understand the Concept of Hotel Soap

As we hit our hotel late Tuesday night, I was encouraged to see this in the hotel bathroom shower …


That’s some quality cleansers available for showering. In addition, I see my wife brought this …


Yes, she travels with her own soap. Score! That means that between the cleansers in the shower and my wife’s personal soap, I should be able to score a free hotel soap. I have not purchased soap for personal use in years. All my soap is collected from hotels while on business trips.

And then my heart sank as I saw this …


Why, oh why was this hotel soap needlessly sacrificed? My wife had no explanation and almost seemed not to care about this senseless waste of soap. She does not understand that hotel soaps are not to be used, but are meant to be taken home. To compensate for this loss of soap, I may have to cut back on summer showering even more.

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