No Shower Summer!

3 days now without a shower. I am shooting for a zero shower summer. There is no need for me to shower this summer, because we have this …

Pool a.jpg

The Flanigan pool has not even been open for a week, and I am already working on a 3 day streak of pool swimming which means no showering. Swimming is good for my right shoulder which I damaged in a kayak accident about 15 years ago. No, It wasn’t rescuing my eldest daughter after we ventured way too far out on a choppy Lake Huron. I didn’t really rescue her, but just stayed close by and gave her lots of encouragement about Lake Huron being shark infested until we got back to shore. I was a lot less cavalier about losing a child back then when we only had 4 kids. Now with 5 …

Anyway, the pool is up and I am doing my swimming workouts in it. Just 330 laps to the mile! No, I have never made a mile. If I tried, I may fall asleep from sheer boredom. But it is a good workout, great therapy for my shoulder, and eliminates the need for a shower.

We used to live in a neighborhood with a swimming lake that I swam in as often as possible. I tried the “no shower” thing with lake swimming, but it doesn’t work quite as well when along with me swimming in the lake are fish, frogs, crayfish, snails and turtles. My wife had no problem telling when I had been swimming due to my lake funk.

But now I swim in crystal clear water and smell chlorine clean. I’ll let you know if I can keep this streak alive, or more accurately stated, how long my wife will let me go without showering.

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