No Shower Summer!

3 days now without a shower. I am shooting for a zero shower summer. There is no need for me to shower this summer, because we have this …

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My Bath Towel Can Save California From Drought

There was an episode on the show “New Girl” during which one of the actors joked about never having to wash his bath towel since it is just wiping away water. I do remember thinking that the actor had a point. After a shower, the body should be clean, so the bath towel, in theory, should be wiping away clean water from a clean body. Well, we all know about the funkification process of bath towels. After two or three uses, the funk has begun it’s stunk. OK, stink, but now it doesn’t rhyme. I hope you’re happy. Continue reading “My Bath Towel Can Save California From Drought”

The Perseid Meteor Shower

With a new moon last night, it was prime viewing for the Perseid Meteor Shower, so I tuned in for almost an hour.

  • Q:  Why was the moon embarrassed?
  • A:  It saw the meteor shower.

I have decided not to copyright the above joke, so feel free to use it, especially during Perseid Meteor Shower season.  I can assure you that astronomy-related jokes are a huge hit around the water cooler. Don’t get me started on Uranus jokes. Please understand that this does NOT give you written or implied permission to use any of my other six copyright-protected jokes, although I suspect that US copyright laws are flaunted daily on school playgrounds across this country since three of my so-called “copyright-protected” jokes are booger-related. Presidential candidates … talk to me more about copyright protection than immigration and you will get my vote. Continue reading “The Perseid Meteor Shower”