Coming Clean About Vacation

I haven’t posted in almost a week. Followers of this blog are rejoicing. However, questions are raised.

  • Where is he?
  • Has he gone back into the witness protection program?
  • Will he promise to stop posting forever?
  • Does the lack of posts have anything to do with Trump’s supposed border immigration agreement with Mexico?

They say the week before a vacation and the week after are the 2 busiest weeks of the year. Add in business travel to the week before I take a vacation to make it even busier and less post-friendly. So that’s where I am now. On vacation, or on holiday as they say in the UK, or England as we say in the USA, or the Kingdom of Trumpland as they say in the White House, or Crazytown as I say. Ugh, a nice vacation/holiday post ruined by Trump. Let’s get this back on track with a pretty sunset pic from our vacation lake house.

Sunset at lake house

Beautiful sunset notwithstanding, I do have problems with this lake house, and surprise of surprises, it has to do with a familiar subject …

Soap and shampoo.

I seem to post constantly about hotel soaps and shampoos. I guess it’s kind of my thing. Wow, that seems incredibly sad as I type that. Anyway, I’ve already explained how my wife does not understand the concept of free hotel soap. The same concept applies to hotel shampoos. They are meant to be taken home. I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived at the lake house and I found shampoo was provided for us. But my wife tells me these large sizes are not meant to be taken with us when we leave. What? Just because they did not provide travel sizes like the one I’m holding for comparison? 


Is that my fault? Maybe they are just very generous. And don’t get me started on the soap. There is none! Sure, they tease me with this …


But they provide no soap for me to use/steal. That just seems like unnecessary taunting to me. More posts to come on this lake house, but for now I’ll leave you with this shot of my ten year old on the dock at sunset.

Sunset at Lake House with Ten