Let the Christmas Decorations Begin!

With 2 weeks until Christmas, I best get some holiday posts rolling. I thought I’d begin by checking out our neighborhood for holiday decorations.

Except, I wasn’t expecting the holiday to be Independence Day.

But this one is more like it. I really don’t know how they do this every year.

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Holiday Decorations in my Neighborhood

It’s nice that our neighbors behind us decided to install an airport landing strip in their backyard this holiday season.

I do need some trees trimmed in the back, so I’m not objecting to a small plane or two trying to land.

It’s not like we don’t have some of our own interesting decorations in our trees out front. Take a look …

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Vacation Wrap-up

My summer vacation is over. Sadly, I never did solve any of the mysteries at the old lake house we stayed at. However, we did have fun there. I took some time to touch nature.


Rather, nature touched me. And hey, what’s with not shaving when I know I’m going to have my picture taken with a dragonfly on my nose? And what’s with that wild hair from my eyebrow? I wish I had such wild hair on the top of my head. The family pics would look better. Here’s a family pic we took at a science museum in Milwaukee we visited.

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Mysteries at the Old Lake House

Doesn’t that sound like a Scooby-Doo episode? Well, we certainly have mysteries at this vacation lake house we are staying at for a few days. First, I discovered this mysterious trap door in the floor in one of the closets.


Mystery #1 – Why was I rooting around the floors of the closets in someone else’s house?

Yes, of course I tried to open it. You can see it is screwed down tight. Fortunately, my ten year old daughter had a screwdriver.

Mystery #2 – Why is my ten year old daughter bringing a screwdriver on vacation?

But before I could solve that mystery, I received this mysterious text message from the owners of the lake house …

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Coming Clean About Vacation

I haven’t posted in almost a week. Followers of this blog are rejoicing. However, questions are raised.

  • Where is he?
  • Has he gone back into the witness protection program?
  • Will he promise to stop posting forever?
  • Does the lack of posts have anything to do with Trump’s supposed border immigration agreement with Mexico?

They say the week before a vacation and the week after are the 2 busiest weeks of the year. Add in business travel to the week before I take a vacation to make it even busier and less post-friendly. So that’s where I am now. On vacation, or on holiday as they say in the UK, or England as we say in the USA, or the Kingdom of Trumpland as they say in the White House, or Crazytown as I say. Ugh, a nice vacation/holiday post ruined by Trump. Let’s get this back on track with a pretty sunset pic from our vacation lake house.

Sunset at lake house

Beautiful sunset notwithstanding, I do have problems with this lake house, and surprise of surprises, it has to do with a familiar subject …

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Vacation Realization

Last week was my vacation week. We hosted friends on the 4th, and then headed out to a lake house for a few days. I came back exhausted. My wife told me that one day I was in the water swimming or on the water in a kayak, canoe or pedal boat for at least 6 hours. Whew! It took me a day to recover from my vacation.

Yesterday, we dropped our little 9 year old daughter off at camp for a week, and were so distraught that we went directly to have a nice lakeside dinner at a resort town. Although I have to work this week, we have made plans for every night while our daughter is away. I don’t have to schedule my pool time around when she and her friends are not splashing in it. I can watch R-rated movies anytime I want on the family room TV. I don’t have to respond to hearing “Dad” 50+ times a night. Is it wrong to feel that this is actually my vacation week?

Bearly a Post

While important things are happening world-wide, I continue to idle away on holiday. If I spend another hour in water today, I think I will officially reach saturation point and may have to be wrung dry. The place where we are staying, Bear Cave Lake, is decorated in a rustic, fun way with lots of kitschy, humorous signs. In an effort to log another blog post with virtually no effort, here are some of the funnier signs …


I saw no signs of bears at Bear Cave Lake, but did not venture into the Bear Cave which also appears not to exist. Whatever happened to truth in advertising?

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