Holiday Gift Giving

Here we are on my 4th day of blogging.

That means it’s late for most people to start shopping for holiday gifts, but it’s still a bit early for me. I consider myself more of a pressure shopper. However, just this very morning, I gave myself a gift. It wasn’t easy, and it took some effort. I do appreciate the effort I put into my gift to myself.

I use Wordle to wake up and get my brain working in the mornings. This is before any caffeine or other stimulants that are typically found around most American homes like bennies, coke, crank, uppers, blow, speed, snow, etc. have entered my body. Consequently, I sleepwalked through many Wordle gaffes that I should have avoided had I actually thought about my guess rather than randomly mashing the keyboard until I make a word. I’m kind of a 4-try guy in Wordle, but those numerous early-morning Wordle goofs ran up my 5-try tally well beyond my 3-try total. Well, as of this morning, I am pleased to report that my 3-try and 5-try totals now match.

I know it’s not much, but on another grey morning while dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder, it’s a great gift to myself. I’m so thoughtful of a gift-giver to me!

Don’t worry, I have something specifically for you later in this post, but I first have a last-minute holiday gift-giving idea for everyone. Wouldn’t this look sharp on the finger of a loved one?

Once again, I’m a day late and a dollar short on turning this idea into a moneymaker. Yes, over three years ago, I shared with you this post about turning my daughter’s tooth into a ring. I missed out on another million dollar idea by not acting upon it. There’s a lesson for all you readers. If you come up with a hare-brained moneymaking scheme, act on it, before someone else does. I mean, that’s how Trump University started. Uh, maybe a bad example. I do see from that Facebook post that the tooth rings appear to come from Australia. Maybe a franchise in the US is still possible???

Now, as for my non-discriminating readers, what do I have to gift you? Well, it’s not done yet, but I have a Christmas poem in the works that should be ready by tomorrow. I’ve got a first draft completed, and I’m having my top assistant edit and punch it up a bit.


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