A Gem of an Idea

Christmas is coming, and I considered having this gem polished up to present to my wife.


Of course, I couldn’t just hand it to her. I mean, she even tried to throw it out. In fact, she did! I had to rescue this precious gem from the garbage. You have to admit, it does look beautiful against my delicate, hairy knuckle …


All I need to do is get it set in a nice band, and voila!


You get the idea. My wife will have a new “rock” to show off to all her friends. It is definitely one of a kind because under that shiny surface is one of our youngest daughter’s baby teeth. She is adopted and her prenatal care was lacking, so there were some issues with her baby teeth. This tooth had to be crowned while she waited to lose it. You can’t tell me that a human tooth ring is not a unique gift that is a guaranteed conversation-starter. Now if only someone can convince my wife who is not a big fan of wearing jewelry made from human body parts. I found that out when I had to return the cool human finger necklace I got her last Christmas.


I can  kind of understand not wearing someone else’s body part, but her own daughter’s tooth? Seems like a no-brainer to me. Funny, that’s how my wife usually describes me.



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