Yesterday Was a Weird Day

I started yesterday with a Wordle that I swore I had solved in 2 … then 3 … then 4 … then 5 … then 6 … then nope.

Was I becoming cognitively impaired, or was it just bad luck guessing? Any regular reader of this blog will choose the former. I even harbored thoughts of it as I got word that yet another of my cousins who is my age now is showing signs of dementia. But I chalked it up to bad luck guessing and got ready to continue my career in the cinema.

No, I wasn’t hired as an usher at the local Megaplex. I had a paying gig as a film extra playing a funeralgoer at Graceland Cemetery. Not Elvis’s final resting place in Graceland in Tennessee as I had originally thought, but Graceland Cemetery in Chicago.

Traffic was light and I made it to the Chicago cemetery faster than Google said I would. I parked and had a distance to walk to the chapel where the filming would take place. That’s when I hitchhiked for the first time in my life.

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Word Games

The other day, my wife was showing me how to play the new word game Wordle. Each day, you have to guess a 5 letter word. My wife offered advice that some people like to start with the same word all the time. I suggested penis. She countered that I was an idiot. Oh, really? Okay, maybe she’s right. Anyway, she suggested that I use a word with more vowels in it like arise. I reiterated that I wanted to use my penis. It’s got 5 letters. She rolled her eyes back far enough in her head so that I could only see white. Regardless, I went ahead and used my word … penis.

Yep, just 2 guesses was all it took. The lesson here is to always go with your penis.