Let the Christmas Decorations Begin!

With 2 weeks until Christmas, I best get some holiday posts rolling. I thought I’d begin by checking out our neighborhood for holiday decorations.

Except, I wasn’t expecting the holiday to be Independence Day.

But this one is more like it. I really don’t know how they do this every year.

It’s the only decorations they have, and it is all they need. It is truly magnificent. It is so bright that I swear it can probably be seen from space.

Lights are nice, and I initially found this neighbor’s display of lights to be quite tasteful.

Except, then I looked a little closer, and spotted this.

That is a Corona virus, isn’t it?

I was very impressed with this 2 story tall inflatable in the neighborhood.

It is the largest inflatable I have ever seen at a house. Fortunately, this next giant inflatable is NOT in our neighborhood, but spotted on Twitter.

Looks like Santa is ready to join the war on Christmas.

Back to our neighborhood, this house goes with the more the merrier approach when it comes to inflatables. I just never knew that unicorns had anything to do with Christmas or any holiday.

Hey, maybe you want to see the decorations at the Flanigan house. Can anyone point the way?

Please tell me that’s Mr. Elf’s hand.

Well, here we are at the Flanigan Home for Wayward Elves.

I wish I could say that I carefully placed each of those lights. I could, but that would be a lie. I can say that I did actually touch some of those lights. However, I chose to focus my attention on decorating our pergola out back.

I thought it would look like the Star of Bethlehem over a manger 2000 years ago … with a pool ladder in the background. Well, I tried.

As the holiday season rolls along, I wish you lots of this.


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