Bearly a Post

While important things are happening world-wide, I continue to idle away on holiday. If I spend another hour in water today, I think I will officially reach saturation point and may have to be wrung dry. The place where we are staying, Bear Cave Lake, is decorated in a rustic, fun way with lots of kitschy, humorous signs. In an effort to log another blog post with virtually no effort, here are some of the funnier signs …


I saw no signs of bears at Bear Cave Lake, but did not venture into the Bear Cave which also appears not to exist. Whatever happened to truth in advertising?


Not imaginary bears that don’t exist.


How can you invest in making a metal sign and not get it right? GUESTS, plural!


My aim is true.


One of the bathrooms was decorated as an old-time outhouse. but with modern plumbing fixtures.


I did my part to increase the authenticity by not flushing.


I think my wife actually did!


Yes, drinking happened.


Not applicable to me.


For all the Trump supporters out there.

Back soon.



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