Mysteries at the Old Lake House

Doesn’t that sound like a Scooby-Doo episode? Well, we certainly have mysteries at this vacation lake house we are staying at for a few days. First, I discovered this mysterious trap door in the floor in one of the closets.


Mystery #1 – Why was I rooting around the floors of the closets in someone else’s house?

Yes, of course I tried to open it. You can see it is screwed down tight. Fortunately, my ten year old daughter had a screwdriver.

Mystery #2 – Why is my ten year old daughter bringing a screwdriver on vacation?

But before I could solve that mystery, I received this mysterious text message from the owners of the lake house …

Basement Text

If I read that mysteriously suspicious text message correctly, they are telling me to go into the basement and nose around. I see no alternate interpretation.

Mystery #3 – Why are they trying to lure me into the basement?

When I went to the basement door, I found this …

Basement lock.JPG

That chain lock is on my side, not keeping me out, but keeping something or someone in the basement.

Mystery #4 – Who or what are they keeping captive in the basement?

You can see the lock is worn, meaning it has been opened and closed a lot. The only conclusion I can come to is the owners of this lake house are keeping a horrible creature in the basement that they feed with their lake house guests.

Mystery #5 – Am I to be the next meal?

In the words of Scooby-Doo, “Ruh roh.”







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