Holiday Decorations in my Neighborhood

It’s nice that our neighbors behind us decided to install an airport landing strip in their backyard this holiday season.

I do need some trees trimmed in the back, so I’m not objecting to a small plane or two trying to land.

It’s not like we don’t have some of our own interesting decorations in our trees out front. Take a look …

No, that’s not mistletoe or holly hanging in our trees. Those are bags of dog poop. When our dog does her business out front, I’ll bag it and toss it toward our garbage cans. This tree happened to jump in the way … twice. The bags are biodegradeable, so eventually they will disappear.

As I walked the neighborhood this morning, I decided that I do like the inflatable decorations. But when they are not inflated, you get this …

It looks like Santa has been hung and tortured. Probably battery cables attached to his nipples. Which reminds me, I like these holiday cookies.

You can barely discern a Black Lives Matter sign next to the garroted Santa. Sadly, it looks like Santa’s life didn’t matter.

Grandma lucked out in this front yard. She didn’t get run over by a reindeer. It looks like Santa did.

But the saddest decoration has to be this one still hanging up …

I guess it may be appropriate for the season. He does know a thing or two about ho, ho, hoes.