Vacation Realization

Last week was my vacation week. We hosted friends on the 4th, and then headed out to a lake house for a few days. I came back exhausted. My wife told me that one day I was in the water swimming or on the water in a kayak, canoe or pedal boat for at least 6 hours. Whew! It took me a day to recover from my vacation.

Yesterday, we dropped our little 9 year old daughter off at camp for a week, and were so distraught that we went directly to have a nice lakeside dinner at a resort town. Although I have to work this week, we have made plans for every night while our daughter is away. I don’t have to schedule my pool time around when she and her friends are not splashing in it. I can watch R-rated movies anytime I want on the family room TV. I don’t have to respond to hearing “Dad” 50+ times a night. Is it wrong to feel that this is actually my vacation week?

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