Time to Come Clean

Being on the road again, I had hoped to bring you some Americana sightseeing tales and pics. However, inclement weather interceded, so I will bring you another travel tip. I know what you’re thinking, “Please, not another post about hotel soap.”

“But … but … hotel soap is an integral part of my business travel,” I protest. How about a Trumpy soap post? I know you want it. Let’s go.

When presented with 2 soap choices, always use the smaller one and take the larger soap home.soap1.jpg

Now, I know Trump supporters may struggle with how to determine which is larger and which is smaller. I’ll try and make it relatable for them.

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420 Reasons JB is OK

As a Democratic Precinct Committeeperson, I worked for the election of billionaire JB Pritzker as Governor of Illinois. He won. I received no monetary remuneration for my work, despite the whole billionaire thing. I did get some tickets to go see President Obama speak last week, courtesy of the JB Pritzker campaign.

GOTV Obama

It was a 3PM rally with doors opening at 1:30PM. I didn’t need to sit close. I figured I would stroll in about 2:55PM and sit in an upper deck seat. Nope. It was suggested to me that I best be in line at noon … in the cold … in the rain … with my 10 year old, because of this fine print …

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Oil’s Bad That Ends Bad

One year ago, after a long & divisive presidential campaign, there was still one thing that united Democrats and Republicans … universal loathing of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). Ruining the environment and desecrating sacred Native American lands had struck a bipartisan chord across the USA. We all opposed big oil sticking their pipeline where it didn’t belong, regardless of whether you listened to NPR or InfoWars.

Allow me to take you back one year ago …

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Obama’s Oversight

A week after leaving office in an exclusive interview with our crack investigative team, President Obama admitted a major oversight during his administration. “I’m not really sure how we missed it,” puzzled the former President. “Everyone knew we were going to do it, and then we just never got around to it.”

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Proof of Obama ISIS Ties

Both Donald Trump and surprisingly Senator John McCain made allusions to President Obama perhaps working cooperatively with ISIS. It sounds crazy, but we finally have found proof. Take a look, see for yourself, and become a believer. This was discovered with some personal items of President Obama …

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Fox Business Network Promises Smoother Republican Debate

Republican presidential hopefuls should feel more comfortable with the next debate hosted by conservative-friendly Fox Business Network. The last debate hosted by CNBC featured significant squabbling between the candidates and liberal-media moderators with plenty of perceived “gotcha” questions. Fox Business promises a smoother format that will permit the candidates more opportunity to present their campaign platforms without interference from partisan moderators. Continue reading

President Obama Looks Past Presidency with GMC Deal

While not confirmed by the White House, it appears that President Obama is preparing for life after the Presidency by inking a deal with car and truck manufacturer GMC. President Obama recently bypassed Congress and renamed Alaska’s Mount McKinley as Denali prior to his planned trip to Alaska. While visiting Alaska, the President responded to questions about the name change for the highest peak in the USA. “Alaska is a state of unimaginable beauty, like the interior of a GMC Acadia Denali crossover that Michelle and I find to be so comfortable to ride in when we go out for a night on the town. The Alaskan countryside is also rugged and strong, like a GMC Sierra Denali truck that is great for hauling materials for my weekend projects without sacrificing the comfort and luxury that we’ve come to expect from the Denali package. But President McKinley wouldn’t know about any of that, having never visited Alaska or driven any quality GMC vehicle with the premium Denali package.”