420 Reasons JB is OK

As a Democratic Precinct Committeeperson, I worked for the election of billionaire JB Pritzker as Governor of Illinois. He won. I received no monetary remuneration for my work, despite the whole billionaire thing. I did get some tickets to go see President Obama speak last week, courtesy of the JB Pritzker campaign.

GOTV Obama

It was a 3PM rally with doors opening at 1:30PM. I didn’t need to sit close. I figured I would stroll in about 2:55PM and sit in an upper deck seat. Nope. It was suggested to me that I best be in line at noon … in the cold … in the rain … with my 10 year old, because of this fine print …

Obama Ticket Fine Print

Shouldn’t a billionaire be able to distribute tickets that do guarantee admission?

Governor-elect JB Pritzker seems like a great guy and I love his political platform, which is why I supported him from the primary through the general election. One of his promises has been to legalize recreational pot. I’m all for it, sort of. I just saw this headline …

Pritzker Pot

My only reservation is that after pot becomes legal in Illinois, I’m afraid this headline may show up in our local newspaper …

Jim Flanigan’s Local Business Goes Up In Smoke & Will Close

Clearance Sale on Smoke-Damaged Merchandise

smoke pot

We’ll see how quickly JB makes good on his campaign promise, and how soon after that my business falls apart. The clock is ticking.

420 clock.gif

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