Reality Trumps Fantasy

I really enjoy playing fantasy football. Over the past 28 or so years of participating, I have won more than I’ve lost. I wanted a win badly on Tuesday. I got it, but not from the Stoned Back Tattoos in my family’s fantasy football league.

No, my Roger Stone-inspired team took another loss. The win I am talking about on Tuesday was this …

blue wave

Yep, that Blue Wave that washed over the USA in the election is the win I’m talking about. That was awesome. And so my fantasy football team will play out this pitiful season as the Blue Waves. Maybe the positive name and logo will inspire my fantasy team to a win. Maybe that’s all that is needed. I mean, some of the other team names and logos have been less than positive.

Trump Hurricane Paper Towels The Hurricane Towels

Kavanot  The Kavanots

Manafort Mugshots

Manafart’s Mugshots

I hate to admit it, but I did kind of like the Baby Blimps.

Baby blimp

I wonder if the Baby Blimps will approve of the Blue Waves?

Traitor Tot1

OK, maybe not so much. I’ll let you know if the Blue Waves can get another win for me this weekend.




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