The Liberal Media Invades Football (satire alert!)

I think I finally understand the complaints about the liberal media. It all became perfectly clear as I watched my beloved Chicago Bears dismantle the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football last night. Take a look at who Peyton and Eli Manning had as a guest on their Manningcast.

That’s right. A liberal former Democrat President who had nothing to do with football during his career. How about having a qanonservative former Republican President as a guest who actually owned a professional football team? Here’s the story.

Donald Trump not only owned the New Jersey Generals of the USFL, but he also bankrupted the league and therefore the team. Now there’s a football guy.

And what does Obama do during the Manningcast?

That’s right. He pushes the suspiciously Antifa-sounding IWILLVOTE.COM website. He was unabashedly promoting voting, a partisan Democrat tactic openly used to steal elections.

Oh, well. At least they gave Republicans some equal time in the second half by having Supreme Court Jester Brett Kavanaugh on as a guest for beer talk.


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