Tweets, Taps & Ties, Oh My!

The Hirsute Orange Turd that the American Electorate left steaming on the lawn of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue just dropped a serious tweetstorm onto former President Obama …


Although I have been rightly accused of tampering with Trump tweets for satirical comic effects in the past, I could never make up that rant. That is all Trump. Allegations of phone tapps are serious, almost as serious as phone taps. And how did the election process evolve from “rigged” to “sacred” in a few short months?

I hear by … no wait, I hearby … uh, maybe I here by … aw c’mon, I herebuy … screw it, I theirfour call for an investigation.




I wonder maybe if Russia wasn’t doing the tapping of Trump’s phone. I mean first, there’s this Russian tie …


And even though Trump’s Signature Collection includes this tie bar …


how can we explain this continued occurrence?


Wait, let’s take a closer look …


Hmmm, that looks suspiciously like Trump is being taped, or maybe Trump is the one doing the taping of his Russian ties. Either way, I here buy call for an investigation.