Easter or Passover or Random Cookies?

My wife slightly overbaked some cookies that we were going to take for a family Easter gathering, so my daughter and I got to decorate those and keep them. Score! No, I did not add 5 minutes to her timer. In addition, my wife was thoughtful enough to bake the random dough shapes that were leftover after using the cookie cutter. I was thrilled to see this one.

Cookie NJ

No, the NJ does not stand for No Jesus in honor of the Easter story that says they found his tomb empty. It stands for something else.

How about New Jersey? Doesn’t it look like the shape of New Jersey?

Moving on, I wanted to celebrate Passover with my Jewish friends by eating a cookie.

Cookie Passover

Although, I don’t know if I have any Jewish friends. I know I have Jewish business associates. I recall having dinner and drinks with a Jewish business associate and a couple of executives from my German vendor. Maybe too many drinks as my Jewish business associate, who I really like, spent a whole lot of uncomfortable time talking about the Holocaust. Check, please!

We were planning on trying another new church for Easter. At the 9:30AM service, they request that everyone brings a bell. Who has bells at their fingertips anymore? Thankfully, there is a phone app for everything.

Bell sounds

Although I have to admit that this was a tempting alternative.

air horn

Anyway, in honor of trying another new church, I did a stained glass motif for one of the leftover random-shape cookies.

Cookie Stained Glass

And finally, what would Easter 2019 be without a reminder to …

Cookie DT

It’s supposed to read Dump Trump, but that icing work is tricky. Anyway, I hope you had an enjoyable Easter, Passover, or Random holiday this past weekend.