Trump rescues bloggers, but at what cost?

The Democratic National Convention got off to a rocky start as Bernie Sanders believers appeared ready to take the Jonestown route rather than endorse Hillary Clinton. But the Democratic convention soon settled into thoughtful, rational, stirring speeches presented by prestigious politicians, everyday people, and A-list celebrities not named Scott Baio. What is a political blogger to write about?

Oh, those Democratic speeches are too thoughtful and use too many facts. How funny can I make that?

Thankfully, we still have Donald Trump who can take a simple, universally-reviled concept like Russia possibly hacking the DNC emails and turning it into a potentially treasonous request to Russia to keep going and find all of Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails. Only Trump can claim to have never met Russian President Putin after claiming to have met Russian President Putin.

While Donald Trump may provide an endless supply of material for bloggers like me, I would prefer to revert to blogging about bath towels , cans of water, and my burps. I hope after November to get back to important topics like my fat fish and winter laundry. If I have to blog about the furor (fuhrer?) Trump creates for 4 years, I think my head will explode. The fuse is already lit.

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