A Weight Has Been Lifted

My life has been decidedly different the past two months. Sure, the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s holidays have played a role in changing my life as I have been selling my blood plasma weekly in order to pay for holiday entertaining and presents. Do you know how hard it is to type when you’re woozy from being a pint low? But that’s not the real change. I’m talking about shedding a weight that has rested heavy on my shoulders the past two years. I know, I know, I should also shed some weight around my mid-section. But that weight on my shoulders was formidable, and now it is almost completely gone, lifting itself from my shoulders pound by pound daily over the past two months. And it has definitely changed this blog. Thank God something has. I’ll explain.

The mid-term election on November 6th last year was the start. As a low-level (almost underground) elected official of the local Democratic party, I had some modest goals for the mid-term election, and I met those goals. Meeting those goals helped in a very small way to elect Democrats across the state of Illinois at national, state and local levels. Success!

Despite flipping the Congress from Republican to Democrat, I still worried what damage the lame duck Republican-controlled House could do in their remaining two months in office. As it turned out, not much of anything. Whew! As the days got closer to yesterday’s inauguration of incoming House members, that weight on my shoulders kept getting lighter and lighter.

Yesterday, Democrats took control of the House and started passing meaningful legislation to reopen the parts of the US government that have been closed the past couple weeks. Master political tactician Nancy Pelosi took back the gavel as Speaker of the House as former Speaker Paul Ryan exited into retirement with a 12% approval rating.

pelosi gavel

12%! Can you believe that? That seems awfully high for accomplishing nothing. Expect Ryan to pop up again in the future. I think he would be perfect for the movies, maybe getting the Ernest franchise going again.

paul ryan ernest disgrace

I’m not a huge Nancy Pelosi fan, but I like her and definitely respect the abilities she brings to the position. I am comfortable and confident she will use her very powerful position to wisely fight the horrible policies of Donald Trump any way and every way she can.

And that is one reason I no longer blog much about Donald Trump. Sure, I took a cheap shot in my most recent post, but I am no longer obsessed with worry about Trump. Pelosi will run the House as it should be run. In addition, Democratic House committee leaders will investigate shady (meaning all) Trump-related activities. Impeachment may eventually be the result after investigatory findings are released by Democratic-led House committees and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Trump has begun his last year in the White House.

I gave up on Trump satire early on in his reign. I am simply not smart enough to satirize Trump’s absurd actions on a daily basis. I gave up on funny Trump tweets long ago when I realized his real tweets were stranger and funnier in a sad sort of way than mine. I’m not sure I’ll have much to say anymore through my Flies On Washington Walls cartoons.

foww #137 shutdown

Blogging about Trump was a cathartic experience for me the last two years. It helped get me through a very troubling time. I hope it helped you, too. But this blog was started to help me become a better writer. I know what you’re thinking … keep practicing. And I will. This blog will continue on, but will just be less Trump-focused. That’s probably fine as Trump seems to be plenty focused on himself all of the time.