New Music for Old Rockers – Matt Maeson Edition

I warned you. In a recent music-related post, I teased a possible recurring feature for this blog. You did not heed the warning. You are back and reading about who or what I am listening to this week that I find to be auralicious.

That is new artist Matt Maeson with his song ‘Cringe’ off of his Who Killed Matt Maeson debut EP from 2017 that is getting airplay now. The music biz sure takes its sweet time to reveal talent. Take a listen.

Maeson’s voice reminds me a bit of Jeff Buckley, and sometimes Jeff Buckley if he actually caught on fire. The songs speaks of past crimes “I got a secret, starting to rust,” our hope of forgiveness “Lover come hold me, could you forget?”, and ultimately how difficult forgiveness actually is.

“She said, I’m looking like a bad man, smooth criminal
She said, my spirit doesn’t move like it did before
She said, that I don’t look like me no more, no more
I said, I’m just tired, she said, you’re just high”

Maeson knows about past crimes as he has served time himself. I might try that myself if I thought it could help me to write better lyrics, and it may, but the prison food and atmosphere certainly couldn’t help this voice of mine at all.

Maeson’s story is as interesting and compelling as his music. He played the prison ministry circuit with his parents, rebelled, spent time behind bars, and ultimately hit the road with his own music while he slept in his car at night. I’d say he has paid some dues.

One of my favorite parts of the song is the percussion coming in to punctuate all the reasons against forgiving him. But then I heard this stripped version of the song without the percussion, and I found his vocals and lyrics all the more compelling.

I missed Matt Maeson’s recent Chicago appearance, but I see he is headed for a show in St Louis on Feb. 18th with tickets still available. Hey, I go to St. Louis on business. I think my business travel plans just got rescheduled into the week of Feb. 18th. Watch for a Matt Maeson concert review in oh, about 6 weeks. Until then, enjoy some of the auraliciousness of Matt Maeson’s music. It will surely make you smile, not cringe.

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