New Music for Old Rockers – Kurt Vile Edition

I have a decision to make. Not about this Kurt Vile song called Loading Zones. No decision here. It’s great. Enjoy.

I find the guitar work to be sanguine, enchanting, and utterly beguiling. Vile’s vocals are smooth as usual, but I really like the chanted refrain of ‘I park for free’ adding some punch and edge to the song. It reminds me of days gone bye when I would drive around for 30 minutes looking for a parking spot in Chicago because … I park for free! Times have changed. I use Spot Hero now and pay for convenient parking. Call me a sell out. I’ll own it.

Kurt Vile has been around the music biz for a while, and has garnered a following, but not much airplay outside of Pretty Pimpin’ from a few years back. Loading Zones has put Vile back in the spotlight with what I consider to be a far superior song to a very good tune in Pretty Pimpin’. If you like the Vile sound and want to listen to a concert by Kurt Vile & The Violators (just a great band name), check out this 50 minute video concert.

My upcoming decision does concern Kurt Vile. My two oldest kids cast their votes for Kurt Vile. I’m torn. I’ll explain.

I have to make a business trip to St Louis in February. I can arrange my trip to see Kurt Vile in concert in St Louis on Sunday night, Feb. 24th. Like I said, my two oldest kids give that plan their thumbs-up. That’s a little late in the month for my trip. The week before would work better for my business trip, but what’s really important is whether that would work better for my music plans.

Anderson East plays St. Louis on Tuesday, Feb 19th. Perfect! If you are not a fan of Anderson East, you really should be. Take a listen …

Better still, Matt Maeson, featured in the first edition of New Music for Old Rockers, is playing St. Louis on Monday, Feb 18th. I can do back-to-back concerts. The downside is that Maeson is opening for a Christian group called Needtobreathe. The whole issue with the evangelical movement supporting Trump has soured me on Christianity lately, so the thought of paying extra for Needtobreathe is anathema to me. There is a single seat available in the first row of the balcony (always my concert seating preference), so I’m tempted. Christianity encourages me not to give into temptation, in this case the temptation to go to a concert where I could see a Christian band perform. I am enjoying the irony as I ruminate over my plans. Maybe I’ll just head southwest to see Anderson East.

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