I wear my RESIST button everywhere on my coat.

resist button

It hangs from a tag on my coat, so I am able to turn it face down to avoid any confrontation with a Trumpster. I have a very low tolerance level for stupidity, and am just not interested in engaging a Trumpster.

It was very cold yesterday morning when I stumbled into the oral surgeon’s office for a scheduled root canal procedure. And then I realized I may have made a mistake …

The receptionist greeted me and immediately noticed and commented on my RESIST button.

Great. Just what I didn’t need. I’m there to put myself in a position where the employees could inflict great pain upon me, and because I’m a wimpy guy, I mean any pain. I immediately flipped the button face down, but too late. She had seen it … and she liked it! I removed it from my coat and gave it to her. Whew! Dodged a bullet there.

As for the procedure, it was 100% pain free, except for close to the end. It wasn’t the root canal. It was the Pandora stream. Most of the music that I could hear over the whirring of the drill and the sucking of the suction tube had been fine, but there were a few clinkers mixed in. And close to the very end of the procedure, on came a song I could simply not tolerate. A Barry Manilow song. Unfortunately, with a dental dam in my mouth, I was unable to voice my resistance.