I wear my RESIST button everywhere on my coat.

resist button

It hangs from a tag on my coat, so I am able to turn it face down to avoid any confrontation with a Trumpster. I have a very low tolerance level for stupidity, and am just not interested in engaging a Trumpster.

It was very cold yesterday morning when I stumbled into the oral surgeon’s office for a scheduled root canal procedure. And then I realized I may have made a mistake …

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Happy Thanksgiving?

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful that we can still post biting political cartoons like this one I saw on Twitter thanks to Claude Taylor @TrueFactsStated …

Trump Thanksgiving Pardon

But for how much longer will it be legal to post cartoons like this? Who knows as our Judicial system and Free Press are both under attack by Trump.

As I added meta tags to this post (for search engine use), I became saddened that I didn’t have to spellcheck the name Jamal Khashoggi. RIP. In the above cartoon, the Saudi crown prince is shown holding the sword. Next time will it be Trump?

I’m also sad that there is still a need to post these types of cartoons. Give thanks today. Then Persist to Resist.



Oil’s Bad That Ends Bad

One year ago, after a long & divisive presidential campaign, there was still one thing that united Democrats and Republicans … universal loathing of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). Ruining the environment and desecrating sacred Native American lands had struck a bipartisan chord across the USA. We all opposed big oil sticking their pipeline where it didn’t belong, regardless of whether you listened to NPR or InfoWars.

Allow me to take you back one year ago …

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I Made a Fashion Faux Pax

I could utter this blog post title every day of my life when I get dressed. My fashion style has been often been described as “homeless chic.” I think I’m the only person in the world to make Steve Bannon appear to have fashion sense. It should come as no surprise when I explain to you that my latest fashion purchase appears to be a huge mistake.

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Just Not Funny Anymore

I’ve taken a few days off from blogging as I have re-evaluated my blogging and specifically my Trump-bashing. It has been fun up to now making jokes at the expense of Trump, a political simpleton. But it is becoming obvious that he is being manipulated by Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, two evil ghouls who have sold their souls in exchange for political contributions and personal wealth. With visible evidence that Trump is showing signs of dementia, this use of Trump as a puppet for the McConnell/Ryan agenda is, well, to steal a line from Trump … Sad!

As I drove back from St. Louis on Tuesday night, I listened to news that Jon Ossoff lost his Georgia congressional race. Four months ago, that would have been no surprise, but momentum and hope built so that his loss felt like being on the receiving end of a gut punch. Topping that was news of the horrible Trumpcare plan being rushed through the Senate that literally will kill people. People will die because of this McConnell/Ryan plan that Trump will rubber stamp because he doesn’t know any better and will do as told, except in regard to the tweeting.Wanted trump etc


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