I Made a Fashion Faux Pax

I could utter this blog post title every day of my life when I get dressed. My fashion style has been often been described as “homeless chic.” I think I’m the only person in the world to make Steve Bannon appear to have fashion sense. It should come as no surprise when I explain to you that my latest fashion purchase appears to be a huge mistake.

I should clarify that this apparel acquisition may not exactly qualify as a fashion “purchase.” I rarely purchase clothes. I seem to recall a couple years ago purchasing some shirts that were the school colors for my youngest son’s college football team. Since then, I have received a t-shirt for a 5K run, and then there are the hand-me-downs from my oldest son, although I think those cast-off clothes from my son may technically be hand-me-ups. Regardless, the point is that I don’t buy clothes frequently, and with good reason.

As I renewed my Sierra Club membership, I had the opportunity to grab a freebie, so I requested this shirt which I now see was a huge mistake …

resist shirt

Don’t get me wrong. I do like the shirt. It is a soft cotton t-shirt in an XL size (thank God), so it fits just fine. But I may not get to wear it much in a meaningful manner.

First, it is the end of summer. Days are cooler and nights are downright cold. Long sleeve tees from 15 years ago are calling me with their siren song of cuddly warmth and familiar pit stains from my dresser drawers. Short sleeve t-shirt days are getting scarcer than common sense in the Trump administration.

By the time t-shirt weather comes around again, Trump will be out of office or I will be out of the country. Sure, I could wear this t-shirt in the post-Trump era as a badge of honor, showing the world that I resisted, but I would like to wear it while actually resisting, maybe at a march or protest.

I suppose I could explore the possibility of wearing this short sleeve t-shirt over a long sleeve t-shirt for a crisp fall neo-Nazi counter-protest, but that layered look is pure homeless chic and screams “I’m wearing all the clothes that I own.” Plus, if I ran into Steve Bannon at a neo-Nazi counter-protest or the like, I would hate to make him look good. I guess I will just wait for a warm Indian Native American Summer day and find a protest or create one myself. This could be me …

Single Protester

… except wearing a sharp-looking RESIST TRUMP short sleeve t-shirt.