Time For Me To Cry

Is there anything sadder than this picture?

Pool Draining

That’s right, my pool is draining for the season. Name one thing sadder.

OK, the hurricane that hit Texas. I’ll give you that one. But name another.

What’s that? The hurricane that devastated the Caribbean and is headed towards Florida. Alright, that’s another, but that should be it.

Oh right, the earthquake that just hit Mexico. Sure, that’s one more. Reason enough to build a wall.

War, famine, disasters and disease around the world? I don’t know about that since I don’t see that much on the news, thank God. That would be awful to watch every day, but I make sure to stay away from those “world news” TV shows.

I mean, c’mon, I really love swimming every day and it is good physical therapy for my damaged shoulder. On top of that, I got used to not taking showers all summer.

One final thing you say? Trump in office. OK, case closed. You made your point. There may actually be sadder things than my pool draining. But did I mention that our hot tub now needs some work?