Just Not Funny Anymore

I’ve taken a few days off from blogging as I have re-evaluated my blogging and specifically my Trump-bashing. It has been fun up to now making jokes at the expense of Trump, a political simpleton. But it is becoming obvious that he is being manipulated by Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, two evil ghouls who have sold their souls in exchange for political contributions and personal wealth. With visible evidence that Trump is showing signs of dementia, this use of Trump as a puppet for the McConnell/Ryan agenda is, well, to steal a line from Trump … Sad!

As I drove back from St. Louis on Tuesday night, I listened to news that Jon Ossoff lost his Georgia congressional race. Four months ago, that would have been no surprise, but momentum and hope built so that his loss felt like being on the receiving end of a gut punch. Topping that was news of the horrible Trumpcare plan being rushed through the Senate that literally will kill people. People will die because of this McConnell/Ryan plan that Trump will rubber stamp because he doesn’t know any better and will do as told, except in regard to the tweeting.Wanted trump etc


 So I moped for a couple days, and then I saw this happen yesterday …


The disabled were arrested protesting Trumpcare proposed Medicaid cuts. Medicaid payments allow the disabled to live independently. Slashing Medicaid will reduce the ability of the disabled to live independently, and force them towards being institutionalized. Arrest the disabled or institutionalize them, but the end result is the same … incarceration.

So there I am feeling low, and the disabled are on the front lines being arrested. Time to get back to work and RESIST! But as Trump evolves from laughable buffoon to complicit criminal, making light of his crimes becomes more difficult. Even national satirist Andy Borowitz has scaled back on his anti-Trump satire, and sometimes posts some pretty serious commentary now. Satire is difficult when almost every Trump tweet is a farcical vagary. Forgive my sensitivity, but satire sometimes just feels inappropriate to me when people’s lives are at stake.

Do I plan to give up this blog? No, but I am going to change things up. Sure, I am still going to blog about things like music and the challenges I face in life, like shoelaces that are too short. Oh that bugs me! And I may continue some Trump-bashing, but it may take a new form. Despite the underwhelming response to my “Mite Be Funny” cartoons, I will be launching a new cartoon called “Flies On Washington Walls” where a pair of flies offer their commentary, sometimes funny & sometimes serious, about what may be going on inside Washington, DC rooms.

Mite Be Funny Spin-off

Thanks a lot Mites. That makes me feel like not plugging your new “Mite Be Funny” blog page. Look for new “Mite Be Funny” cartoons every Sunday morning, either to read or avoid. What am I doing? This requires no explanation as NOBODY reads blogs in the summertime. My only hope is that my Australian followers will read this to escape winter down under.

So Jim Flanigan will continue looking at the world and writing about it here, but maybe just from a different perspective.




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