Unsocial Media

I was so excited when I received the notification that a couple comments were made in response to one of my older blog posts. My blog posts don’t elicit many comments. I don’t blame you readers. I make it a point not to comment on anyone’s blog who is so obviously mentally ill. But finally, I was getting the conversation started. The excitement lasted until I read the comment …

Blog Comment 1

So many questions filled my head:

  1. Did their auto-correct change “ray of sunshine” to “piece of shit?”
  2. Why is my name not capitalized and enclosed by quotation marks? Am I not Jim?
  3. Why did Kim end the comment so politely? Maybe because of #1 above?
  4. Is Kim a disgruntled male with weapons or a hot female who is stalking me? Uh, asking for a friend.

Of course, I’m no stranger to nasty comments as I regularly navigate the waters of Twitter while throwing out anti-Trump chum. At least this comment from Kim Nho didn’t include a wrestling challenge like this Twitter throwdown from Texas Senator Ted Cruz …

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MAGA – Make Anagrams Great Again

I realize that my earlier post today was not very funny. It was more of a cathartic blog/scream for me. Let’s call it a bleam. I just can’t get over our elected legislators siding with Russia, even if some of them are elected by people in Sharthole, Mississippi. No offense to Shartholians.

But Twitter made me smile today. I suggested to @tweakyourpc who is Chris Davis of Make Anagrams Great Again to do a Where’s Mitch anagram. That’s what we are all asking. Mitch McConnell is not putting bills on the Senate floor to reopen the US government, and has been generally hiding out recently, except for voting to lift Russia sanctions. Traitor! Oops, there I go again. Anyway, @tweakyourpc Chris obliged with this gem …

anagram where's mitch

Thanks to Chris for making me smile. I hope you do, too.

McConnell’s Unbearable Acts of Kindness

Mitch McConnell has a busy day planned today. He plans to unleash the latest Senate version of Trumpcare onto the unsuspecting American public today. Then he has a variety of other activities planned today like pulling legs off bugs, delivering foreclosure notices to widows, roasting ants with a magnifying glass, pulling scholarships from some area college students, peeing in a public pool, and cutting the ribbon on a new orphanage with workhouse attached, so there’s no daily commute for the kids! How thoughtful! Finally, he plans to meet with representatives from ADAPT, the national group of activists on behalf of people with disabilities. Hey, that last one actually sounds constructive.

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Just Not Funny Anymore

I’ve taken a few days off from blogging as I have re-evaluated my blogging and specifically my Trump-bashing. It has been fun up to now making jokes at the expense of Trump, a political simpleton. But it is becoming obvious that he is being manipulated by Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, two evil ghouls who have sold their souls in exchange for political contributions and personal wealth. With visible evidence that Trump is showing signs of dementia, this use of Trump as a puppet for the McConnell/Ryan agenda is, well, to steal a line from Trump … Sad!

As I drove back from St. Louis on Tuesday night, I listened to news that Jon Ossoff lost his Georgia congressional race. Four months ago, that would have been no surprise, but momentum and hope built so that his loss felt like being on the receiving end of a gut punch. Topping that was news of the horrible Trumpcare plan being rushed through the Senate that literally will kill people. People will die because of this McConnell/Ryan plan that Trump will rubber stamp because he doesn’t know any better and will do as told, except in regard to the tweeting.Wanted trump etc


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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is threatening to change Senate rules that require 60 votes for confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice to a simple majority confirmation, also know as the “nuclear option.”

Arizona Senator John McCain has publicly stated that anyone who wants to change that Senate rule is a stupid idiot.

Is there anyone who doesn’t think that Mitch McConnell is a stupid idiot?

crickets chirp

That’s what I thought.

Want even more stupidity? John McCain will vote for the Senate rule change that he thinks you would have to be a stupid idiot to support.

Make sure to check all logical reasoning at the door when entering the Senate please.

My Crappy Protest Sign

My family and I went to a pro-ACA rally/protest yesterday. My wife made pretty, patriotic signs for herself and our youngest child.


Beautiful. Patriotic. Inspiring. Anytime I look at it, I’m moved to suggest my wife quit her job so we can go back on ACA healthcare.

Here’s my crappy sign …

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Another Edition of “Am I a Bad Guy?”

I play the “Am I a Bad Guy?” game a lot.

  • Am I a bad guy for taking the last of the (insert favorite food here) from the pantry or refrigerator?

  • Am I a bad guy for not paying my car insurance bills on time, waiting until I get a “last notice before cancellation” letter in the mail simply because I think rates are too high?

  • Part 1: Am I a bad guy for yelling at the dog who dropped a load in the house even though I know I should have taken him out hours ago? Part 2: Am I a bad guy for moving to another room in the house, pretending I don’t see the load, hoping my wife will see it and take care of it?

  • Am I a bad guy for not raking leaves in the fall and hoping a windy day will blow my yard’s leaves into a neighbor’s yard?

Sadly, I could go on and on with examples of this game I play. I’m now playing the game again, but this time YOUR life could depend upon my answer.

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Inflated Egos, etc.

It’s no secret that Senator Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump don’t see eye to eye on all issues, like the Mexican wall and Russian hacking just to name two. It will be interesting to see if Republican lawmakers line up behind McConnell or Trump on some of these sticky issues. God bless The Onion for this photo-shopped (is it?) pic of Mitch McConnell inflating his throat pouch in a show of dominance over Congress.


That is an altered pic isn’t it, or have we just never seen McConnell inflate that sucker before? There is definitely plenty of loose skin under there, and inflated to the proper pressure, well who knows?


I wonder what will happen when McConnell and Trump do butt heads. The visual display of dominance could be stunning.

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