Russian to Vote

The US Senate voted yesterday on whether or not to allow sanctions against Russia to be lifted. All Democratic Senators voted to retain the sanctions. I was pleased to see these Republican Senators vote with the Democrats to retain the sanctions:

  • John Boozman of Arkansas – I didn’t know Arkansas was allowed Senators.
  • Susan Collins of Maine – She’ll need a lot more votes like this to redeem her past voting history.
  • Tom Cotton of Arkansas – 2 Senators from Arkansas? Really? That seems too many.
  • Steve Daines of Montana – Must be 1 Senator for every 10 people in Montana.
  • Cory Gardner of Colorado – Up for re-election in 2020 in a state tilting blue.
  • Josh Hawley of Missouri – Happy to see McCaskill’s replacement with a blue vote.
  • John Kennedy of Louisiana – I hate his politics, but I like this guy’s style.
  • Martha McSally of Arizona – At least she voted blue, unlike Jeff Flake.
  • Jerry Moran of Kansas – A small blip of blue from a deep red Senator.
  • Marco Rubio of Florida – Always ready to take a shot at Trump.
  • Ben Sasse of Nebraska – Sasse being sassy and hawkish on Russia.

Big-talking tough guy Republicans like Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Ted Cruz voted nyet to retain Russian sanctions. I consider them and every single Republican Senator who voted to lift Russian sanctions to be a traitor to this country.

And that also goes for Independent Senator Bernie Sanders who elected not to cast a vote. That’s just as well since Sanders has historically voted against Russian sanctions. Methinks Comrade Sanders may not be as independent as he claims. Here’s hoping that Sanders and Russia-loving Libertarian Jill Stein take vacations in 2020 rather than make runs at the White House again.