The Trouble with Trump Tweets

Here’s the trouble with Trump tweeting …


A crusty old Socialist named Bernie Sanders just may make a cartoonishly large version of the tweet that makes a Publisher’s Clearinghouse check look small. Then that salty old dog will parade it in front of Congress and the handful of people watching C-SPAN2 so that they can all see what Trump had to say previously about Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid …

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Upstaging the Elephants

The time is nigh for the Democrats to show that a national nominating convention can be substantive and offer clear plans for the country, and not be a thinly-disguised WWE backstory of the feud between Terrible Trump and Killer Cruz. But I think if the Dems want to try and sway some on-the-fence Trump backers to vote Democratic, here are some suggestions to add a little pizzazz to their convention.

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