Political Cookies

Happy Independence Day. I’d like to present some appropriate cookies to our politicians.

To President Obama, thanks for trying these 7+ years. Here’s a cookie for your efforts …IMG_1365

To Senator Elizabeth Warren … thanks for taking on the Cheez Whiz-colored presumptive Republican candidate. Have a cookie and keep up the fight to defeat Hair Hitler …IMG_1366

To Vice President Joe Biden … thanks for sleeping through 7+ years in office. Now hit the campaign trail hard to help defeat the Orange Monster. And take a cookie in an attempt to generate some sort of energy …IMG_1367

To presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, you are as flawed as this cookie, but you’ve got my vote, no questions asked. Have a cookie and don’t lose … IMG_1368

To Senator Bernie Sanders … time to get out of the race and stop making a mess. Have a cookie and head back to a town called Obscurity, Vermont …IMG_1369

To the Cheeto-dusted presumptive bloviator for the Republican party, Donald Trump, choke on the mess that is your hate-filled campaign and this cookie …IMG_1370

To NJ Governor, Hair Trump lackey, and possible VP candidate for Team Red, Chris Christie, have yet another cookie …IMG_1371



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