Winnowing the Candidates – Super Tuesday Edition

When I last winnowed, I had no idea that we would be talking about a new candidate when I winnowed again. I also had no idea that I wouldn’t winnow again until Super Tuesday, but the candidates were doing sufficient self-winnowing. I really like that word … winnow. Anyway, welcome to the race, Mike Bloomberg, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass when you leave … quickly … like right now. Consider yourself winnowed. We don’t need 2 non-Democrats in the Democratic primary.

I’m not surprised Elizabeth Warren is still in the race. I love her as a politician and would be proud to vote for her for President. However, I appear to be in the minority. I have heard her described as shrill. The Return of Shrillary? I think the USA still has a ways to go before accepting and electing a female as President, and that makes me sad.

Over the course of this campaign, I have personally supported the candidacies of Beto O’Rourke, Eric Swalwell, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Mayor Pete, Liz Warren, and Joe Biden. Boy, can I ever pick the quitters. You may notice one big name candidate missing from that group. That candidate is who I voted for in the 2016 Democratic primary. That candidate is …

Bernie Sanders. Despite my winnowing him long ago, he didn’t get my message. He’s still in the race and in the lead so far.

Super Tuesday may mathematically winnow the viable candidates down to Biden vs. Bernie. Sure, Tulsi Gabbard may stay in the race. I hear she has her campaign headquarters in Minsk prepaid through May. She’s not viable. If it comes down to Biden & Bernie in the Illinois primary on March 17th, I view those 2 choices like dinner choices.

Bernie is the entree I order from a Romanian restaurant where the menu is in Romanian, and the server taking my order speaks only Romanian. By the way, I don’t speak Romanian. I just don’t know what the server will bring me. Will it be a lovely roasted chicken with fresh vegetables or a plate of sauteed eels with a side of rutabagas? And regardless of what is brought, how will it taste? I’m just not sure if I order Bernie.

If I order Biden from the menu, I know I will get a bowl of low sodium, homemade chicken soup. It will taste horribly bland, but it won’t do me any harm. Sure, there will be pieces of gristle in the soup that I need to spit out, but it will be filling. Sometimes, you just need a good bowl of bland soup.

There is a case to be made that Democrats MUST nominate a progressive. Name a 21st Century centrist Democratic candidate that has been elected President. Go on, try. Hillary Clinton? No. John Kerry? No. Al Gore? No. They all lost. Barrack Obama campaigned as a progressive and won. Sadly, he governed more as a centrist than progressive. The case is strong that we should nominate a progressive.

Early voting in Illinois has already begun. I’m eager to get to the polls to vote for myself to ensure another 2 years of hard work and expense for zero compensation.

Ballot 2020

Before I vote, I want to see how Super Tuesday voting goes, and then the results of more primaries the following week. At this moment, I’m leaning toward voting for the youngest male candidate left in the race. That’s Uncle Joe Biden. That makes me a bit sad. But if history repeats itself, my mind will be changed before then.

Have a Super Tuesday?