Winnowing the Candidates – 2 for 1 Edition

I have been really lax on this recurring feature. I can’t afford to be. Candidates are streaming into the Democratic primary race. So let’s get you up to speed with a quick recap.

  • I booted Mayor Pete from the race. I am so sorry I did that. He’s become one of my favorite candidates in the early going, although I’m not quite locked in on him yet.
  • So I reinstated Mayor Pete, and …
  • I bounced John Hickenlooper instead. Who? Exactly.

There may be less serious candidates to shed, but I feel I need to painfully rip a 2016 scab off now that has never fully healed. This candidate cannot be the Democratic candidate in 2020. I will not allow it.

I felt the Bern in 2016 and voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary. I did not appreciate his tepid support for Hillary Clinton in the general election. I don’t like how poorly his rabid followers treat anyone who doesn’t support Bernie. I don’t like how Bernie ignored the Democratic ban of Fox News and scheduled a town hall with them. Always, Bernie first. And I really think that if I had to choose a white, septuagenarian candidate, I will lean toward Uncle Joe Biden, despite him being a bit too handsy. I just don’t want another President who has something to hide in his tax returns that he won’t release. I also want some youthful energy in my candidate since I have none. I like Beto O’Rourke jumping up on tables to speak and answer questions, even if Beto’s answers may not be as substantive yet as Bernie’s. Bye, bye Bernie.

Oh, and Bernie, take another candidate, your likely VP running mate, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, with you. Gabbard is often described as Putin’s favorite Democrat. But she’s not a real Democrat either. In fact, she’s more of a Republican than Democrat. The kiss of death for me was when Trump sycophant Rep. Matt Gaetz tweeted his endorsement of her.

Gaetz Tweet gabbard

Gross. I feel a bit bad for eliminating front-runner Bernie. He has pushed Democrats to the left of center, where we belong. But my sadness for Bernie’s departure is balanced by my enthusiasm for terminating Gabbard’s candidacy. I won’t be Berned in 2020 by either one of them. That’s 3 down, and a lot to go.


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