Mail Call

I not only get Likes, Comments, and Retweets, but I also get mail. Here’s page 1 of what was left in my mailbox this week. I felt so ‘Mueller reportish’ as I redacted names after I confirmed that the person who sent this actually exists at the address they listed.

After an initial reading, I was unclear if this person is alt-right or alt-left. I reread and still have no clue. They do mention the 2nd Amendment on Page 1, but not in a ‘for or against’ way. Maybe just alt-crazy? Of course, I could not resist adding my own comments in red and in white over some redactions.

Page 1 follows:


2 more pages to go. Here’s Page 2, definitely hand-written by the person who signed this.

Crazy2 If I understand properly, Freemasons are running my town through the police force, and we all have controllers that are documenting what we do. I’m good with that. Next time I lose my keys, that documentation could come in very handy.

Finally, Page 3.



I do want to explore boosting my wifi reception in my 2nd floor bedroom by using my mattress. What if I have one of those memory foam mattresses? Will that still work? Does the memory foam document my memories?

And why, oh why, is the writer quoting from the beloved Christmas movie It’s a Wonderful Life? I can sort of see Mr. Potter being in on such a scheme, but please leave Clarence the Angel out of it.

This is a pretty funny document, but mental illness is no laughing matter. I have mental illness in my family. Some would say that I just need to look in the mirror to discover more. We need more care and services for the mentally ill, rather than cutting services. Donald Trump’s proposed 2020 budget slashes mental health funds by 21%. That is going in the wrong direction and a sign of mental illness in the White House. The writer notes the 2nd Amendment on page one. I’ll see that 2nd Amendment and raise you a 25th Amendment due to mental illness.