My Pool, Me, & OCD

I am of the belief that we all have some mental illness of some sort. Think about it. What mental illness affects you? Depression? Mood swings? An unhealthy obsession with the lady next door that looks like a young Audrey Hepburn?

For me, it’s OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I’ve never blogged about it. I am only starting to discuss it with family and friends, because it turns out they find it charming, quirky, and fascinating. Okay, so they also find it somewhat disturbing. But I can live with that as long as it makes me appear more interesting. Hmm, I may need to add narcissism to my list.

My OCD really came into focus when I messed up my pool liner order, and had to reduce my pool from 16 feet across to 15.

Pool 15 foot

I guess the picture doesn’t really help you understand my OCD. I’ll try to explain.

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Mail Call

I not only get Likes, Comments, and Retweets, but I also get mail. Here’s page 1 of what was left in my mailbox this week. I felt so ‘Mueller reportish’ as I redacted names after I confirmed that the person who sent this actually exists at the address they listed.

After an initial reading, I was unclear if this person is alt-right or alt-left. I reread and still have no clue. They do mention the 2nd Amendment on Page 1, but not in a ‘for or against’ way. Maybe just alt-crazy? Of course, I could not resist adding my own comments in red and in white over some redactions.

Page 1 follows:


2 more pages to go. Here’s Page 2, definitely hand-written by the person who signed this.

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Pressed for Answers

I was busy with business associates the past couple days, and I was surprised to hear from one colleague that Trump was having another press conference yesterday, the day after he just had a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. I figured that it would be as inconsequential as the Netanyahu presser with a couple softball questions and that would be it. I completely underestimated Trump’s willingness to put his mental illness on full display for the world to see.

I am still reeling from watching the press conference and then reading the transcript of this press conference. I can only imagine the concern mental health professionals would have that did the same. His opening diatribe gradually built through the subsequent questions from the media into full blown nonsensical gibberish. There are so many examples to which I can point, but I thought I would offer ten for your review and consideration that could be easily grabbed from the transcript. My editorial comments follow after his quotes.

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