Bust the Trust

Last night at a rally in Houston, Lyin’ Ted Cruz bowed and paid fealty to Donald Trump.

Cruz bows to Trump

At the moment he bowed before his new dark overlord, Lyin’ Ted became Winning Ted in Trump’s view. At that moment, in the eyes of Trump, Cruz’s father was exonerated for being part of the plot to kill JFK. At that moment, Trump decided to no longer call Heidi Cruz ugly in public, although he reserved the right to still think she is.

The Trumps were in Houston to “help” Cruz in his Senate race against Democrat Beto O’Rourke, who could be the most exciting Senate candidate to ultimately lose. Let’s hope Democrats find something for him to do for a couple years until the next election.

Meanwhile, Cruz is running a campaign with this motto …

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What I Learned From the Ford & Kavanaugh Testimony

Here’s what I took away from the testimony provided by Dr. Ford and Brett Kavanaugh.

  • Dr. Ford was calm, cool, and believable.
  • The hired interrogator for the Republicans, AZ prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, did more good for Dr. Ford than bad.
  • Rachel Mitchell did seem very intent on proving that Dr. Ford has flown on airplanes despite Dr. Gray’s claim that she has a fear of flying. I have anxiety over dental appointments, but still make them.
  • Lindsay Graham successfully auditioned for Attorney General. Careful what you wish for Lindsay.
  • I was confused by someone who was asked to revisit a sexual assault crying a lot less than someone who was perjuring himself.
  • Brett Kavanaugh likes beer, A LOT!
  • Brett Kavanaugh hates the idea of an FBI investigation, A LOT!
  • If Brett Kavanaugh is so belligerent and yells so much when he is sober, I hate to see him after a few drinks.
  • Who am I to say that Brett Kavanaugh didn’t have a few drinks as hearing prep?
  • Senators Chuck Grassley and Orrin Hatch are walking advertisements for term limits or at least a mandatory retirement age. Sorry Senator Leahy, but you would be collateral damage.

Despite what went on today at the hearing, and regardless of whether the Republicans decide to vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, I still think Attorney Michael Avenatti has a part to play in this pageant. Stay tuned.


Moore Changes Coming

Today is election day in Alabama for the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions. The Alabama GOP and the RNC have done everything possible to replace a racist with a racist, homophobic, misogynistic, evangelical Christian alleged pedophile. Say that 3 times fast. If Alabama does send Roy Moore to the US Senate, plans can move forward with the following changes for Alabama …

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Shades of Abuse

I’m having a hard time getting my arms around the recent allegations of sexual abuse towards nationally known politicians. I certainly support getting these out in the open, if only to make sure that this kind of behavior ends. What I’m struggling with is how to judge the seriousness of the charges.

For example, Senator Al Franken has admitted that this is him in this picture putting his hands on the breasts of Leeann Tweeden.


At the time, Franken was a comedian on a USO tour with Tweeden, obviously posing in this shot for comic effect. That does not change the fact that doing so without her consent was wrong.

But then I see this video of Tweeden introducing Robin Williams like this …

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Jonesing for Votes

As a committed Democrat, I am thrilled that Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones has a chance to win the Alabama Senate seat in the December special election as he goes up against accused sexual predator Roy Moore. However, as a marketing and sales professional, I am less than thrilled at the lackluster logo his campaign is using …

doug jones

Of course, I have weighed-in and offered my marketing and sales acumen to the Jones campaign along with this new logo …

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Happy James Comey Day!

The long-awaited day is finally here, along with news that Melania and Barron Trump will be moving into the White House on June 14th. This is really odd news considering that James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Committee today all but guarantees that Donald Trump will be moving out of the White House soon. Upon reflection, maybe that’s why she’s moving in.

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When the opening acts are as good or better than the headliner …

Happy James Comey Day Eve. All of us are anxiously awaiting the big show tomorrow as James Comey is scheduled to testify in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. That will indeed be a notable event in history as the gears of justice slowly grind together to remove traitors from elected and appointed positions in the government of the USA.

But do not overlook the opening acts … the under-card … the appetizers … the foreplay … the preface in a book … the reading of Miranda Rights before an arrest … the clouds before a storm … the feeling of bloat before a belch … the shrinking of genitals before a cold swim … the cramming before a test … the drugging before a date with Bill Cosby …

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Betsy DeVos Confused (is that really news?)

Noted imbecile Betsy Devos appeared confused as she was sworn in as a Cabinet member as Secretary of Education, although that is business as usual for her as she expressed confusion all throughout her questioning from the Senate Committee that explored her qualifications, or lack thereof in this case. It turns out that DeVos was shocked to hear that she would actually be in charge of and running the Department of Education. She thought she was interviewing to be a Secretary, yet another position for which she is woefully unqualified to fill.

Yes WWE Can!

Linda McMahon, former owner of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), brought some old friends with her for support to the Senate Committee meeting discussing her qualifications to be the Administrator of the Small Business Administration.

Hulkamania ran wild as Hulk Hogan himself, never camera shy,  took a seat directly next to Linda McMahon and stared down Democratic Senators as seen in this photo …


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