Bust the Trust

Last night at a rally in Houston, Lyin’ Ted Cruz bowed and paid fealty to Donald Trump.

Cruz bows to Trump

At the moment he bowed before his new dark overlord, Lyin’ Ted became Winning Ted in Trump’s view. At that moment, in the eyes of Trump, Cruz’s father was exonerated for being part of the plot to kill JFK. At that moment, Trump decided to no longer call Heidi Cruz ugly in public, although he reserved the right to still think she is.

The Trumps were in Houston to “help” Cruz in his Senate race against Democrat Beto O’Rourke, who could be the most exciting Senate candidate to ultimately lose. Let’s hope Democrats find something for him to do for a couple years until the next election.

Meanwhile, Cruz is running a campaign with this motto …

Ted Cruz Trusted

Get it. Trust + Ted = Trusted, but one letter “t” has to be dropped to make it work. How do we know the dropped letter is a “t?” Maybe it was an “s.” Truss + Ted = Trusted if an “s” is dropped.

Maybe if Lyin’ Winning Ted is so wonderful, he shouldn’t just be trusted, but he should be shared with the whole country. Share + Ted =

Cruz sharted

Now that has a better ring to it.