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I was so excited when I received the notification that a couple comments were made in response to one of my older blog posts. My blog posts don’t elicit many comments. I don’t blame you readers. I make it a point not to comment on anyone’s blog who is so obviously mentally ill. But finally, I was getting the conversation started. The excitement lasted until I read the comment …

Blog Comment 1

So many questions filled my head:

  1. Did their auto-correct change “ray of sunshine” to “piece of shit?”
  2. Why is my name not capitalized and enclosed by quotation marks? Am I not Jim?
  3. Why did Kim end the comment so politely? Maybe because of #1 above?
  4. Is Kim a disgruntled male with weapons or a hot female who is stalking me? Uh, asking for a friend.

Of course, I’m no stranger to nasty comments as I regularly navigate the waters of Twitter while throwing out anti-Trump chum. At least this comment from Kim Nho didn’t include a wrestling challenge like this Twitter throwdown from Texas Senator Ted Cruz …

Ted Cruz Wrestling Tweet

Try and follow this. Ted Cruz didn’t like that famous Hollywood star and known anti-Trump liberal Ron Perlman was picking on Florida House Rep. Matt Gaetz. So, Ted Cruz challenged 70 year old Perlman to wrestle 56 year old former collegiate wrestler and current Ohio House Rep. Jim Jordan. At no point in this challenge was 49 year old Ted Cruz ever in danger of breaking a nail.

At least Kim Nho didn’t hide behind anyone else like coward Ted Cruz did. But what did I do to precipitate such a reaction? Then I read the 2nd comment from Kim …

Blog Comment 2

Finally, I understood. It was in response to this blog post that featured the throat wattles (good name for a band) of Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell.

Okay, I admit the McConnell pic has been slightly altered courtesy of The Onion. But I stand behind the post. Both their unaltered throat wattles (not a bad name for a band) are magnificent and need to be celebrated. Why does Kim Nho hate throat wattles so much?

I replied humorously and politely to Kim Nho. At no point until now did I go low and point out that “low-acheiving scum” is spelled incorrectly. Why should I? Kim Nho comments that I am “the most handsome and physically perfect male on Earth” and I exude “sheer inhumanly perfection.” Go on. Keep talking. No one’s stopping you.

Is it possible that Kim Nho is trying and failing at sarcasm? Maybe Kim Nho thinks I have a throat wattle. Decide for yourself. Here’s my latest pic from a recent BLM protest.

Me Antifa

There I stand, completely wattleless, unless you think I’m tucking wattle up into my mask. That would have to be very loose and pliable wattle.  I can’t say I’m proud of my lack of wattleosity. I am what I am. Keep your comments coming.