Inflated Egos, etc.

It’s no secret that Senator Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump don’t see eye to eye on all issues, like the Mexican wall and Russian hacking just to name two. It will be interesting to see if Republican lawmakers line up behind McConnell or Trump on some of these sticky issues. God bless The Onion for this photo-shopped (is it?) pic of Mitch McConnell inflating his throat pouch in a show of dominance over Congress.


That is an altered pic isn’t it, or have we just never seen McConnell inflate that sucker before? There is definitely plenty of loose skin under there, and inflated to the proper pressure, well who knows?


I wonder what will happen when McConnell and Trump do butt heads. The visual display of dominance could be stunning.

McConnell’s pretend (it is, isn’t it?) throat pouch may be no competition for Trump’s when he gets his throat wattle inflated with some psi. Just take a look at that flaccid wattle.


By the way, what a great name for a band … Flaccid Wattle.

Confession Time: I realize this isn’t much of a post. I’m using a pic from The Onion’s brilliant graphics people (that McConnell pic must be photo-shopped, right?) and some childish mocking of a pic showcasing Trump’s second and third chins. Sprinkle in some odd, random thoughts. That’s it. Not much meat on this bone. The only real reason for this post is that I read that Trump hates this pic. Uh, yeah we all can see all three reasons why.


So please, save this pic and spread it throughout cyber-space whenever and wherever you can. And step back and get your cameras ready if you are anywhere near Trump when it looks like he’s going to inflate that thing.

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