Regurgitating Presidential History


No, this pic is not one of the numerous times that Barbara Bush tried to chloroform President George H W Bush. Yesterday marked the 25th anniversary of President Bush vomiting on the Japanese Prime Minister at the time, and this pic captured First Lady Babs Bush trying to minimize the massive spewage with a napkin. That worked about as well as you might imagine. If you are too young to remember this, or just want to relive a great moment in presidential history, you can watch it here with some added SNL footage at the end …

Of course, President Bush was embarrassed and contrite at his regurgitive faux pas, and the Japanese Prime Minister was as gracious as possible with a lap full of Bush chunks. This anniversary of a sitting President literally vomiting on a world leader would probably be forgotten if not for one thing.

Although 25 years ago was the only time a President literally vomited on a world leader, we now have 4 years ahead of us with a President that will figuratively vomit on any world leader (except Vladimir Putin) without hesitation or remorse.

Where is Barbara Bush and her chloroform bottle when we need her?