Unsocial Media

I was so excited when I received the notification that a couple comments were made in response to one of my older blog posts. My blog posts don’t elicit many comments. I don’t blame you readers. I make it a point not to comment on anyone’s blog who is so obviously mentally ill. But finally, I was getting the conversation started. The excitement lasted until I read the comment …

Blog Comment 1

So many questions filled my head:

  1. Did their auto-correct change “ray of sunshine” to “piece of shit?”
  2. Why is my name not capitalized and enclosed by quotation marks? Am I not Jim?
  3. Why did Kim end the comment so politely? Maybe because of #1 above?
  4. Is Kim a disgruntled male with weapons or a hot female who is stalking me? Uh, asking for a friend.

Of course, I’m no stranger to nasty comments as I regularly navigate the waters of Twitter while throwing out anti-Trump chum. At least this comment from Kim Nho didn’t include a wrestling challenge like this Twitter throwdown from Texas Senator Ted Cruz …

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Inflated Egos, etc.

It’s no secret that Senator Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump don’t see eye to eye on all issues, like the Mexican wall and Russian hacking just to name two. It will be interesting to see if Republican lawmakers line up behind McConnell or Trump on some of these sticky issues. God bless The Onion for this photo-shopped (is it?) pic of Mitch McConnell inflating his throat pouch in a show of dominance over Congress.


That is an altered pic isn’t it, or have we just never seen McConnell inflate that sucker before? There is definitely plenty of loose skin under there, and inflated to the proper pressure, well who knows?


I wonder what will happen when McConnell and Trump do butt heads. The visual display of dominance could be stunning.

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