Are You Ready for Some Football? My Wife is.

My wife likes American football. Her favorite team is our hometown Chicago Bears. Go Bears!

Chicago Bear

BTW, that’s not her. But she really wants the NFL to hold a season this year. The NBA and NHL have sort of figured out how to finish their truncated 2019-2020 seasons despite the COVID-19 coronavirus. Major League Baseball is still struggling with how to hold a season. My wife doesn’t care about those sports. She just wants the NFL season to go on as scheduled. It’s not that she’s such a football fanatic. It’s because of this beauty …

Trophy Jffl

That sits on a shelf in my family room, because I won the local fantasy football league last season. If there is no NFL season, there will be no new JFFL Champion, and that trophy will sit on a shelf in my family room for a second straight year.

My wife is praying for football. She’s going to be so disappointed if there is football, and I win again. The prize money in the very low three figures may help console her.