My Crappy Protest Sign

My family and I went to a pro-ACA rally/protest yesterday. My wife made pretty, patriotic signs for herself and our youngest child.


Beautiful. Patriotic. Inspiring. Anytime I look at it, I’m moved to suggest my wife quit her job so we can go back on ACA healthcare.

Here’s my crappy sign …


I didn’t want it to be a crappy sign. I probably should have started working on it more than 30 minutes before the start of the protest. As my wife was working on colorful signage at the same time, and I wanted to get to the protest on time, I was relegated to a simple black & white sign.

As for the message, I had wanted the sign to read …

“Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell Want You All To Die Painful Deaths In Grisly Ways Without Proper Healthcare”

I was afraid that some readers may have confused “grisly” with “grizzly,” as in grizzly bear attacks, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’s argument for guns in public schools. I decided to keep it simple, and I did elicit some chuckles and thumbs-up for the Paul Ryan jab, although surprisingly no chortles.

I was dismayed when someone in a passing car asked what the ACA was. After I told him, there was still a blank look on his face. He was a perfect example of the uninformed electorate that put us in the mess we are currently in.

As for the protest itself, it drew a crowd of about 200+ unpaid protesters, although I am pretty sure my wife bribed my daughter with a doughnut to get her to come. We occupied all 4 corners of a major intersection in town, and marched from crosswalk to crosswalk to keep some blood circulating in the face of snow and cold. I was heartened by how many car horns honked in support. I understood some blank, lifeless stares we got from parents on their umpteenth trip somewhere carting kids around while also contemplating crossing the median strip and driving into an oncoming semi. That’s life as a Chicago suburban parent! What I didn’t understand at first were the occasional middle fingers thrust in our direction towards women, senior citizens, and kids alike. Then it clicked for me … Trump supporters. Hillary was 100% correct when she called them deplorable. If only I had feeling in my frozen fingers to properly salute them in return.


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