Another Edition of “Am I a Bad Guy?”

I play the “Am I a Bad Guy?” game a lot.

  • Am I a bad guy for taking the last of the (insert favorite food here) from the pantry or refrigerator?

  • Am I a bad guy for not paying my car insurance bills on time, waiting until I get a “last notice before cancellation” letter in the mail simply because I think rates are too high?

  • Part 1: Am I a bad guy for yelling at the dog who dropped a load in the house even though I know I should have taken him out hours ago? Part 2: Am I a bad guy for moving to another room in the house, pretending I don’t see the load, hoping my wife will see it and take care of it?

  • Am I a bad guy for not raking leaves in the fall and hoping a windy day will blow my yard’s leaves into a neighbor’s yard?

Sadly, I could go on and on with examples of this game I play. I’m now playing the game again, but this time YOUR life could depend upon my answer.

It has been unseasonably warm in the Chicagoland area this past week. I have gotten some spring yard work done and have gotten in some outdoor naps. It has been great! Yesterday was in the 60’s again!

As is happening in sleepy little towns all over the nation, a grassroots resistance to Trump is rising in our slumbering (bordering on narcoleptic) town. At a major intersection close enough for me to walk to is a scheduled protest this Saturday against repealing the ACA. I have blogged in the past in typical hilarious fashion (Caution: Your side may split after reading that linked post, perhaps necessitating healthcare through the ACA!) about how the ACA helped my family. I firmly believe in keeping the ACA in place and working on fixing its problems. I want to participate in the protest. But … but … but, it is going to be cold again on Saturday, and it may even snow a bit. Here’s the forecast …


Even though it will be a bit chilly and blustery today, it will almost hit 60 again on Friday! Then on Saturday, the day of the protest, it will be windy and cold with snow flurries possible. I do not want to be out in that weather to protest on Saturday. We don’t even use the ACA anymore since my wife got a real job (as opposed to my “self-employment”) that provides real insurance. And thank goodness we have that insurance since that protest sign I would be holding up could act as a sail in the face of those winds and blow me right into oncoming traffic. Hello ER!

I may be able to suck it up and get to the protest. The lives of my readers may depend upon it, and quite frankly, I just don’t have enough readers to spare even one. Well, maybe there are a couple I could do without. Anyway, I probably will be out there Saturday with a protest sign with a clever saying like …

  • ACA All The Way

  • ACA Saves Lives

  • Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell Want You To Die

So many slogans, so little time. In conclusion, I need to play the game again and ask myself, “Am I a bad guy for not wanting to protest in the cold?” I think I know the answer and “weather” I should go.

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