McConnell’s Unbearable Acts of Kindness

Mitch McConnell has a busy day planned today. He plans to unleash the latest Senate version of Trumpcare onto the unsuspecting American public today. Then he has a variety of other activities planned today like pulling legs off bugs, delivering foreclosure notices to widows, roasting ants with a magnifying glass, pulling scholarships from some area college students, peeing in a public pool, and cutting the ribbon on a new orphanage with workhouse attached, so there’s no daily commute for the kids! How thoughtful! Finally, he plans to meet with representatives from ADAPT, the national group of activists on behalf of people with disabilities. Hey, that last one actually sounds constructive.

ADAPT has been vociferously protesting the various iterations of Trumpcare that would rob them of benefits, services and ultimately threaten their ability to live independently.

You’ve seen the results of the ADAPTS protests, haven’t you? This is what usually happens …


We hear McConnell made sure to stop at Home Depot last night to stock-up on zip-ties.

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